Sunday, July 25, 2010

well, you know my name is Simon

.......and the things I draw come true.Ah! one of my favorite segments on Captain Kangaroo.If I lost you at Captain Kangaroo, sorry, I'll now be speaking to the old folks here for a little while.
As a child who was so often carried away , metaphorically, by drawing, naturally I was entranced by a little Boy named Simon, who , in fact, did draw things that came to life. I am still enchanted by the power of art and creation.There truly is something magical about envisioning something and seeing it come to fruition. I had this thought when poring through some cake sketches. To see your concept, or even a germ of a concept actually materialize still has the power to amaze me.
I am often asked if I provide sketches, and generally I do not. Because much of what I do is replicating objects in cake, a drawing is both redundant and not a true portrayal of the finished cake. I'm not, in fact Simon and the things I draw don't exactly come true.However, when I am composing a tableau or "scene" if you will, a sketch is often very helpful in envisioning the final product. Many of my sketches are nothing more than speedy scrawl to flesh out placement, or to simply help me envision what my work week will look this one:
Some sketches are more involved concepts, where I will combine hand sketching with computer graphics to achieve a more professional proposal like this one:then there are the sketches that are never fully realized, but most have the decency to not be aired on national TV..........haha!


faithy, the baker said...

I admire your work and i think what you do is amazing! All your cakes are awesome! I think your sketches are done really well! if you ever see mine (ok..i better not show anyone), i don't think you can even tell what i draw! LOL!

SweetThingsTO said...

What a great post - I love seeing your cakes come to life! I'm such a big fan of your design style and cakes!

Jenniffer said...

Debbie, I admire you SO much and every cake I see of yours is just a masterpiece. And now I find out that you are a talented sketch artist too?! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!!