Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I have a BLOG????!

Ha ha, OK, I am notorious for getting these grand ideas and then completely forgetting about them. One of those, apparently ,was starting a blog, ha ha!
So now that I have "rediscovered" this, let's see this thing through now, OK?

Over the years I have been very fortunate to be featured on many online newspapers and magazines (LA Times, USA Today, CNN .com, SFGATE,, etc...) but it seems like every other day I'm featured on someone's blog. Now, many of them are blogs that might be seen by a handful of people (you know like this one, ha ha!) but a few stand out. Here's a spotlight and a big Thank YOU to the blogs that featured me and brought me attention and amusement. I really appreciate it!!

First up is Cake wrecks . Now normally this would not be a badge of honor.I was fortunate enough to be seen on their "good" day, Sunday, in the Sunday Sweets a few times, but
no appearance garnered more attention than the brief mention of my uterus cake. In actuality the image did not even appear on the site, just a reference to it and a link to the image on flickr. To date it is my most viewed cake ever at 70, 605 views. Insane. I don't think it's the strangest thing I have ever done, but I s'pose you don't see reproductive organs in cake everyday, well, at least not that one, lol!

The next site I want to mention is Great White Snark. Somewhere along the way I became a favorite cake maker to legions of geeks in the Bay area. Ok, so I admit, it's probably a good fit, since I am a geek myself. I've just come to terms with this. So Thanks GWS, for bringing me lots of orders for all things geeky. Here's my latest appearance:

Next up I wanted to mention meat cakes!those of you who already know me, know that I adore cakes that resemble food and especially those that look like meat! This summer I was featured on Slashfood in an article about bacon. Ok, just say that out loud "I was mentioned in an article about bacon" never thought I would have a chance to say that and wouldn't my parents be proud??

Another cake that got a lot of attention was my Hello Kitty Zombie cake, more meat cakes? Maybe decaying meat? Meat / flesh what's the diff? So thanks to Boing Boing for this feature:
note: I LOVE that one of the tags they have given it is "happy mutants" did I mention I love you Boing Boing??

Lastly I wanted to post a blog appearance not because they said lovely things about me, because I don't read kanji, but because I love all things Japanese and seeing my work interspersed with the characters looks like art to me so, domo arigato, gozaimasu Japanese blogger!
So that's it, first blog post done. I'm sure I did something goofy, so bear with me. I'll try to learn the ropes fast. In future posts I'll post Debbie Does Cakes news, bitch a little and in general talk about , what else? cake and my love hate relationship with it. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll visit me again.