Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm big in Sweden!

....and other tales of how google translate betrays and amuses!

Oh! the WORLD wide web!I'm a very curious person by nature .I think I am often as intrigued by what some inquiries are not saying as what they are.I'm truly fascinated by what makes people do the things they do. In fact, I spend a lot of time pondering this.I do love a mystery.Possibly, I may be the only person under 70 who truly enjoys "Murder She Wrote"!
Well, lately, I had a spate of inquiries with obviously translated text. My curiosity was in overdrive!
I put on my Jessica Fletcher hat (ask your grandma) and set about to solving the case.I was able to ascertain from subtle clues that these requests were coming from Sweden.More emails flooded in.Here's where google translate betrayed and amused, sample text:"my brother is completely inside DJ and DJ stuff and the plate would not even be a stupid cake" .........classic!
Now, before it sounds like I'm judging, I knew what they meant but....I'm thinking of having this printed up on t shirts, that's how much I love it! I have also used online translating tools from time to time and I am certain I provided similar entertainment value.
I finally decided to go right to the source and ask how these emailers were finding out about me. Turns out, I have been featured regularly by this site
Mystery solved! Alas, Sweden is a wee bit outside my delivery range. However, if someone wants to fly me there, all offers will be considered. Suddenly I'm in the mood for some Ikea meatballs.......
here are a few pics my new Swedish friends featured ,Tak sa myket! and I do hope I didn't just tell you to "have a nice pickle!"

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