Saturday, January 23, 2010

I lobster and never flounder

If you got that reference, my condolences, either you're from the South or your entire record collection came with an "as seen on tv" sticker.For those of you who aren't familiar with the reference, search for Pinkard and Bowden on youtube. You'll thank (?) me later. But , I digress,this is not at all a post about semi obscure novelty musical acts, but a post about food cakes! I mentioned earlier how much I adore making cakes that look like other foods. One of my projects this week was a pair of lobsters.Clutching claws, the inscription read "With this claw, I thee wed", so clever. So , inspired by this week's latest food cake, I will take this opportunity to share some of my favorite , what my friend Mel calls "sneaky food cakes".
close up view of Mr. Lobster
My first "food cake' ,it's buttercream, back in the old days. I used to feature this on one of my business cards, prompting many to ask "Oh, you do catering too?" love that.
here's another buttercream one, and one of my faves. This roast beef was super convincing in the fridge. A fun one was the carnival foods cake:

steak cake, well seasoned

fried eggs and bacon......

Was super excited about the Big Mac cake but even more excited about the to scale box, honestly the box alone took me two days, it sure was fun though.

I almost forgot this one: a platter of exotic fruits, including the much maligned durian..... thankfully this one smelled much nicer than the real thing!


Wild Cakes said...

You are the QUEEN of sneaky food cakes!!

Rhonda said...

Mmmm! Meat!!! You sure make up some great looking grub!!

Crazy Cake Lady said...

Your food cakes are seriously the best!

ellen jo said...

Oh wow! You are amazing, Debbie!