Sunday, November 21, 2010

you want me to wear what??!

Yes, i'm one of those people who puts clothes on their dog. Apart from the amusement I get from seeing my lil' guy in a mini "snuggie" or pajamas with strategically placed "opening" it does serve a very practical purpose . Contrary to popular belief, California is not all sandy beaches and big sun. Here in Northern California it is chilly more often than not. For a guy who has little to no hair, clothes, regardless of how amusing or humiliating , are a necessity . As he gets older, more and more parts of his body have become off limits. Today we had one of those frustrating contests of wills , culminating in some growls and snaps,and apparently "we" have decided that he will no longer be wearing the snuggie.It reminded me of when we first arrived here, nearly a decade ago, and repeated attempts to send him to bed clad in a warm sweater .We'd always awake to a newly "naked" chihuahua. An apparent clothes Houdini, he is able to wiggle out of everything short of a straight jacket. I'd try an actual straight jacket if it wouldn't result in a disappearing act of my fingers =)! Anyway, all these memories of "naked Bee" made me think of naked cakes.My first installment about these unfinished works was well received so I thought it would be a good time to revisit it.Now, off to turn up the heat!


faithy, the baker said...

Your little dog is soo cute! Over here in Singapore, it's tropical weather, so it's hot or rainy...for the entire year. So my dog (jack russell) was proned to heat rash instead.

Love seeing your naked cakes! They all look awesome even when naked..and all the more after they are airbrushed on! You have serious talent!

debbie does cakes said...

Faithy, you're such a good friend, thanks!

Jack russell, huh? I need to see some pictures!

Jamie said...

Before my little pound puppy got her "operation", she had to wear pull up diapers. I cut a hole in the butt for her tail. It was hilarious!

Lovey said...

Haaaaa.... I use to try and put a sweater on my puggy, Sweetpea, but her brother, Bubba, would pull it down everytime so she always looked like she was walking around in a knit mini skirt.
D.J. (yes, that D.J...haaa)

SweetThingsTO said...

Naked cakes - love it! Truly amazing cake sculpting!

ellen jo said...

Ha ha! We are so much alike sometimes in our Chihuahua methodology. Cracks me up.
You're such a skilled sculptor with the cakes. It is endlessly amazing the creations you make.

2Gitanas said...

i love your cake designs! I have a friend who does this as well and I will be posting her cakes very soon so keep poted! thanks for following! following u back!

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